Tiffanie Figueroa


Investment Team

About Tiffanie Figueroa

As a member of the Investment Team, Tiffanie assists clients in the purchase and sales of residential investment properties in the greater San Antonio area. Prior to her career in real estate sales, she managed a portfolio of 77 residential properties for 7 years. This property management experience gives her a unique perspective that allows her to better serve her investor clients. She has a keen eye and is able to spot both problems that the average agent lacking this experience would miss when walking a property. She also continues to spend a portion of her time leasing properties, which allows her to keep in touch with the current wants and needs of tenants.

Tiffanie works with clients seeking the following investment strategies and property types:

·         Short-term rentals (STR)

·         Traditional or Long-term rentals (LTR)

·         Single family homes

·         Small multifamily homes from 2-25 units

·         Land